Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico

    Founded March 2020

    43 Employees


    Computer, Parts, and Peripherals, Asset Management

Key People

Joaquin Gonzalez


Raphael J. Kappeler


Chiara Sheldon


John P Falcon


Reworth is a cashback marketplace that helps financial institutions become top-of-wallet and merchants acquire new and loyal customers. By working with merchants, we create a cashback offer directory that financial institutions can access through a simple API, providing their customers with attractive and relevant offers. While merchants provide the cashback offer, financial institutions give visibility to these offers through their app, reaching thousands of consumers. We focus on simplicity, making it easy for merchants to onboard, fast for financial institutions to implement and relevant for consumers. Our business model requires no initial investment for merchants. Financial institutions pay a small fee only when they make money, this removes entry barriers, allowing us to give consumers a wide range of rewards that are relevant to their everyday needs. Unlike other reward programs providing a point based system we provide a cash based program, reducing the workload for financial institutions. On the other hand, merchants don’t require any employee training as the purchasing process is the same they do every day. This removes any learning curve and speeds up merchant onboarding. By integrating the rewards directory with the financial institutions app we remove barriers for consumers to join the program as no new registration, card or process is needed. As a consumer, the moment you get your banking card you have access to the cashback program and there is no different behavior needed when making a purchase.
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