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Our mission starts with the belief that entrepreneurship is the driving force for global advancement.

Progress on both an individual and systemic level has been the result of the enterprising pursuits of committed risk takers who have tirelessly leveraged innovation and capital to pave the way for improved quality of life for themselves and for society as a whole. It is this combination of entrepreneurial spirit and risk seeking capital that continues to drive advances in health, education, information accessibility, energy, infrastructure and just about every facet of modern life. And it is in this vein that Clockwork’s guiding principle is to increase the efficiency of private markets, with technology to facilitate the deployment of capital and foster global innovation.

Central to Clockwork’s pursuit is our focus on improved private market transparency, which we believe will play a critical role in building a better long term global economy.

With our collaborative, data-centric approach to the investment process, we endeavor to transform the culture around fundraising and enable better market outcomes for all participants involved, from entrepreneurs and their teams, to investors, intermediaries and end asset owners alike. As tremendous amounts of capital continue to flow into private markets, investors at all levels will increasingly rely on these allocations to generate the added returns needed to fund their respective missions and goals. And as this trend accelerates amidst increased systematization, we aim to be at the forefront of aligning the interests of participants throughout the private capital stack to further propel the world’s entrepreneurs forward.

We’re building financial technology to further align entrepreneur-investor interests by making transparent collaboration easy and desirable.

Who we are

We are a team of business operators, investment analysts and software engineers building the digital infrastructure for private investment offices.

Clockwork emerged from an advisory business launched in 2015 that established its track record by providing valuable financial, strategic and technical advice as a co-founder and partner to a range of ventures founded by subject matter experts, creatives and product visionaries.

From a diverse base of first-hand operator experiences, Clockwork evolved to become a trusted partner to private investors, leveraging our team’s general management prowess in transactional diligence, in turn leading to the development of our holistic, full-service portfolio monitoring offering. Today, we augment monitoring offerings with our proprietary collaboration platform, Clockwork Universe.

We are dedicated to making it easier to build, finance and grow private companies.

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We believe in blurring borders and boundaries and take a geo agnostic approach to building transparent, collaborative private markets for all.


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