Intelligent private investing

Our mission is to simplify the process and lifecycle of private investment to facilitate capital flows, expand market access, and foster global innovation.

Innovation thrives on the efficient allocation of capital.

Clockwork believes that investment decisions become simple when one gains a candid, operational view of what’s happening behind the scenes over time. Try our modern infrastructure and elevate your private investment performance.

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    Today, our platform powers the lifecycle of private investment activity for a host of investor types diverse in structure, objectives, discretionary levels, management styles, time horizons and markets.

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    In 2019, we launched Clockwork Universe with a collaborative, data-centric approach to enable better investment decision making. As increasing amounts of capital flow into private markets from institutions and individuals to companies and management teams, there is greater need than ever for secure, real-time operational transparency between founders and investors alike.

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    In 2015, Clockwork emerged from our combination of a private boutique for underserved investors and an outsourced cofounder consultancy. Gaining traction, we were selected by the nation’s leading equity crowdfunding platform to create and implement a scalable, tech-enabled due diligence methodology for what’s now one of the most active private company deal networks for retail investors in the world. Having evaluated hundreds of investment opportunities and founder teams, when then we set out to create the new standard in private investment technology.

Our Values

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    Self Evolution

    We place a high importance on self awareness, self care, and self growth. It’s critical to know yourself, what you need, how you are perceived, in addition to your strengths and areas for improvement.

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    Enterpreneurial Drive

    Take initiative and own what you do. Be resourceful and hungry, and push through ambiguity to problem solve as new challenges.

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    Reputations matter, collectively and individually. They are built from the actions you take over time. And as they say, reputations take years to build and minutes to ruin.

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    Hold yourself to high ethical standards. Do not cut corners. Be honest, and beforthcoming, particularly as pertains to communicating challenges, risks, and ‘bad news.’

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    Results matter. Strive to overdeliver by going beyond merely meeting expectations. Focus on execution, pursue quality in all aspects.

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    Adaptability & Creativity

    Few things are permanent, do not allow yourself to become too comfortable. Try to avoid absolutism in your thinking Know when to stick to the tried and true and when to get creative and improvise.

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    Building great things is a team effort — we all enable each other to be successful and aim to celebrate wins together.

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    We believe in valuing ideas and collaborative innovation. Endeavor to be assertive, not passive, and speak up.

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    Hard Work & Persistence

    Simply put, hard work and persistence pay off in the short and long term, and experience compounds.

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    Passion & Curiosity

    Love what you do and let it show! Be positive and curious. Your work is a reflection of you!

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