Peca Labs

    Pittsburgh, PA, USA

    Founded May 2011

    12 Employees

    C Corporation

    Medical Devices

PECA Labs is a medical device development company focused on bringing new solutions to underserved populations: Our first product, the Masa Valve, is a surgeon-created, engineer-optimized, clinically-implanted and validated heart valve that will save thousands of children every year from repeated open heart surgeries. PECA Labs’ unique pathway will allow us to bring the Masa Valve through FDA approval despite the intensive regulatory requirements which, for most companies, have made the development of life-saving and life-sustaining (class III) medical devices cost-prohibitive for many pediatric conditions, as well as the many rare, or “orphan“, diseases which affect tens of millions of Americans and hundreds of millions of humans worldwide. PECA Labs has a fully developed product with a clear value proposition for an underserved market.
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