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    Impress and inform existing and prospective investors

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    Save time and stay organized with streamlined updates

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    Increase responses, minimize questions, and get faster follow-ons

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    Form a clear picture of which investors deserve your attention most

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    Securely share any type of data, KPI, or attachment

Discover our features, designed for your company’s growth.

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    Investor Email Builder

    Improve your investor update emails with our professional and customizable template, stylized to your brand

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    Investor Updates Analytics

    Track which existing and prospective investors read, share, and download the materials you send

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    Company Metrics & KPI Dashboard

    Report and collaborate on key metrics that measure your team’s progress

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    List Segmentation

    Group investors and stakeholders with custom and preset sharing permissions

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    No Friction Reporting

    Send communications to any contacts, whether or not they have a Clockwork account

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    Systems Integrations

    Use our API to automate financial reporting from Xero or Quickbooks

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Security and compliance are our top priorities at Clockwork. Period. The security of our clients’ information is pivotal to our goal of providing unmatched service, which starts with our clients trusting our platform and feeling comfortable sharing their data. Our team is committed to the continuous evolution of security for threats today, and in the future, to ensure Universe continues to provide the best-in-class experience for our users.

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Hosted securely on AWS

Universe is hosted with AWS using all their best practices and security policies.

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Data encryption

All data in Universe is AES-256bit encrypted, both in transit and at rest.

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Security minded development

Platform development uses industry best practices along with monitored, up to date, open-source libraries.

We understand how important the privacy and protection of your data is to your team’s success. We are happy to discuss Universe’s security and safety measures in more detail to give you peace of mind. Get in touch with our team to talk #safetyfirst.

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